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Outdoor Wedding Ideas

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Spring, fall and early summer are ideal for outdoor weddings.

Spring, fall and early summer are ideal for outdoor weddings.

Outdoor weddings can be beautiful, especially taking into consideration a spectacular garden setting. An outdoor wedding has many advantages. However, these types of weddings do have a lot of issues to consider. Outdoor weddings are not for everyone. If you are considering an outdoor wedding then you will need to cover some homework before you decide.

The garden or outdoor wedding does give the bride many opportunities. They can be small and simple affairs to lavish sit down dinners. Following is a list of things to consider for having an outdoor wedding ideas:

• An outdoor garden wedding could be more reasonable in cost than a church wedding, but this would depend on the venue and your plans for the reception.

• Outdoor weddings do give you more options for themes: beach, garden, arboretum, castle grounds, mansion backyard, back yard gazebos, tents, yachts, and sailboats.

• Beautiful and memorable settings.

• An outdoor wedding can be a very romantic setting for you and your fiancé to exchange your vows and celebrate with family and friends.

• Beautiful photographic opportunities await you.

• Could be very relaxing for you and your guests.

These yellow and green pails make cute wedding favors.

These yellow and green pails make cute wedding favors.

• You could cite your ceremony vows with the sun setting behind you.

• The fall and spring in DFW generally has beautiful weather.

• You will need to make sure the venue has chairs for the ceremony area. If not, you will have to rent enough chairs for invited guests.

• You will need to know if the venue provides a caterer. If not you will have to secure one.

• Does the location have space for a reception? Do they have tables, chairs, linens, china, flatware, & glassware? If not you will need to arrange to rent the items from a reliable rental place.

• You will more than likely need to have more flowers in order to make the setting more wedding like.

• At an outdoor or garden wedding you must always have an alternate plan in case of inclement weather. You should make arrangements for a tent, or if the facility has an indoor covered building you should reserve it in case of bad weather.

• If you have a tent you will need a dance floor. Size will depend on the number of guests you will have.

• The sound systems equipment of the entertainers should always be protected in case of rain.

• If your outdoor or garden setting is in a family neighborhood you will need to consider the noise level from the band or DJ. What you do not want is for the Police to appear and let you know that the music is too loud and the neighbors are complaining.

• Flowers are a necessary consideration. Depending on the time of year you want to get married, you will need to consider the heat element. Some flowers are delicate, and depending on your selection make sure that the flowers will hold up from the time of delivery to the end of the reception. What you don’t want to happen is the boutonnières and bouquets to look droopy or for the petals to fall off before the reception is over. Your florist can easily tell you which flowers are sturdier for specific times of year. Silk flowers may be a good alternative during certain times of the year.

• Consider your wedding dress. Regardless of the setting all wedding dresses will go through some form of abuse and get soiled; however, at an outdoor wedding your long dress will probably have grass stains. If it rains you will also have mud stains that could be costly to remove.

• Shoes: If it has rained and the grounds are soft, your heels will more likely sink in the soft grounds.

• If you plan on having a runner for the ceremony, please make sure that it is of sturdy material. Otherwise, your heels and those of the bridesmaids and female family members in the wedding party will break through and sink in the soft earth.

• Parking is another consideration. Some outdoor venues will not allow parking close to the actual wedding location. If it rains, you want to make sure your guests can get to their autos without getting drenched. You do want your guests to remember the beautiful wedding and not the inconveniences they had to go through while at your wedding.

• In some locations you will have to pay extra for Security personnel. The number needed will depend upon the number of people you have at the reception and how long you anticipate serving beverages.

• If the venue does not have a required liquor license you will have to make arrangements for it This is usually done through the caterer.

• You will also have to hire bartenders.

• If it is a hot time of the year, make sure you have plenty of bottled water for your guests.

• Depending on the time of the year you need to be prepared for flying insects.

Our thanks to Jane Salos for providing this helpful information. She is the owner of An Elegant Wedding and a Certified Wedding Consultant. She may be reached at 972-414-8828.

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