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Wedding Centerpiece Ideas-From Fabulous to Breathtaking!

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Have you checked out our swoon-worthy post on wedding centerpiece ideas? It’s one you don’t want to miss! It is full of show-stopping wedding table decorations-from DIY wedding centerpieces on a budget to elegant candelabra centerpieces.

wedding floral centerpieces

This purple and pink flower centerpiece pops against the white background.

Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

We had so much fun gathering these Pinterest-worthy centerpieces. We think you will enjoy them too and get important ideas for your own wedding table centerpieces. Let us know what you think!

Your wedding centerpieces are the fragrance of your reception tables. Symbolic of your union, they are truly tabletop art and reflect the passion and emotion of your wedding day.

One of your first decisions is whether you want floral, non floral centerpieces or a combination. They should match your wedding style and colors.

wedding centerpiece ideas

DIY Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Armed with a glue gun, florist foam, vases or containers, fresh or silk florals, + embellishments, you can make your own photo-worthy wedding centerpieces.

Key to any DIY success is planning and organization. First, determine your desired look. Browse Wedding Wishes’ Photo Galleries, magazines, blogs, and Pinterest for ideas. The library is a terrific resource for wedding how-to books.

wedding centerpiece ideas

Who wouldn’t fall in love with this DIY wedding centerpiece charmer? And it is soooo easy to make. Wrap a burlap with lace ribbon around a container. Secure ribbon with a glue gun or other strong adhesive. Place floral foam in the bottom of container. Insert one silk rose and greenery stems into the foam. That’s it!

I suggest making a few samples in different shapes and sizes. This will help you determine the level of difficulty of each and which design you prefer. Invite your bride tribe and make a party of it!

“Model” your samples to people whose opinion you trust. Ultimately, pick the wedding table centerpiece that you and your fiancé prefer.

Once the design is determined you are ready to go! Purchase all supplies and give yourself plenty of time to make your wedding centerpieces.

The Confusing World of Florist Foam Simplified
The “how to” of floral foam can be confusing. Floral foam is different from white craft Styrofoam®. Since floral foam rarely comes with directions here is a brief tutorial.

Essentially, there are 2 types of floral foam. All are green (or brown) in order to blend with the stems. Both foams come in a range of sizes and shapes to fit your arrangements.

“Fresh” or “wet” floral foam is for live floral arrangements. It is very soft. The foam block is submerged in water to let it wick in moisture.

Since I can not offer better instructions for using wet foam than is found on, I recommend their website tutorial for step-by-step directions.

Brand names include Oasis® and Artesia® Floral Wet Foam by FloralCraft® or Fresh Floral Foam by Darice®. They are sold online and at local craft stores. Usually, they are found in the Floral or Wedding Departments.

The 2nd type is floral dry foam. It is labeled as desert foam, dry foam, or econofoam. It is for dry, preserved, or silk stems. You insert the stem directly into the foam. Cut the foam with a serrated knife or if you are cutting a lot of foam you may want to purchase an electric foam cutter.

Brand names include Desert Foam® Floral Dry Foam by FloralCraft® or Dry Floral Foam by Darice®.

Lantern Centerpieces

wedding centerpiece ideas

Who can resist this rustic lantern centerpiece? The white lantern is flanked by two bottles filled with baby’s breath. Fill your lantern with a candle or floral arrangement.

wedding centerpiece ideas


wedding lantern centerpieces

Wedding lantern centerpieces are great for a western or rustic wedding.

Tall wedding centerpieces are very popular this wedding season.

Tall wedding centerpieces are very popular this wedding season.

unique wedding centerpieces

For a unique wedding centerpiece, decorate a basket with fruit and roses.


Wedding centerpieces don’t have to be elaborate to be elegant.

non floral centerpieces

How about this carved watermelon for a non floral centerpiece? Perfect for a beach theme.

tulip centerpieces weddings

We love the flowers around the base of the this tulip centerpiece.

tall wedding centerpieces

These tall wedding centerpieces look expensive, but you can easily make them yourself. Get the branches at a craft store and spray paint them gold or silver.

mason jar centerpieces

These mason jar centerpieces with wildflowers are perfect for a backyard wedding.

elegant wedding centerpieces

The Protea flower is one of my favorites and always makes an elegant arrangement.

candle wedding centerpieces

Candle wedding centerpieces are easy to make and look so elegant!


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