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Wedding Signs Slide Show

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Wedding signs are ubiquitous. The challenge is to find interesting shapes, designs and colors that speak to your esthetic. We assembled photos of Mr and Mrs wedding signs, wedding chalkboards, diy wedding signs, and wooden signs. Look for unique signs, words, and letters at flea markets, craft stores, stationery stores, and retail /online stores like The Container StorePier 1 Imports, or Ballard Designs. If you find something you like, but the color is wrong most likely you can paint or spray paint it.

Wedding signs

wedding thank you sign

Wedding thank you sign. Danke is German for thank you.

If your handwriting resembles a doctor’s consider hiring a calligrapher. A variety of calligraphy styles are available. Consider Calligraphy by Angela or books’ n letters studio. We have received many compliments on Angela’s calligraphy and customer service.

Many couples have their photographer photograph them at their wedding with a thank you sign. They use the photo as part of their thank you cards. This couple switched it up a bit and used the German word “Danke” for their thank you. Thank you’s in other languages include:

Arabic – (Modern Standard) Shukran شكرا
Chinese (Cantonese) – 多謝 (dòjeh)
Chinese (Mandarin) – 謝謝 [谢谢] (xièxie)
Chinese (Taiwanese) – 多謝 (to-siā)
Danish – Tak / Mange tak
French – Merci
Greek – Ευχαριστώ (Efharistó )
Hawaiian – Mahalo
Hebrew – (rav todot) רב תודות (toda) תודה
Hungarian – Köszi / Köszönöm
Icelandic – Takk / Takk fyrir
Irish – Go raibh maith agat
Italian – Grazie
Japanese – どうも (dōmo)
Navajo – Ahxéhee’
Russian – Спасибо! Spasibo!)
Scots – Thank ye, ta
Spanish – Gracias
Swedish – Tack (thanks)

For a full list of translations click here.

wedding directional signs

Wedding directional sign at Farmers Branch Historical Park. Photo courtesy of Dream Focus Studio.

wedding reception signs

Purchase a word or letters made in wood from a craft store. Apply spray paint or paint on your wedding colors. If you are going with a vintage or distressed look as shown in the photograph above paint the wood with two coats of brown paint. After it dries paint over it with a off white or linen colored paint. When dry use medium grit sandpaper to sand the edges of the wood so the brown paint shows through. Don’t sand so hard you go through to the bare wood! A light touch is best. You are not restricted to brown and off white paint to achieve a vintage or distressed look. Try it with your wedding colors!

wedding chalkboard ideas

These miniature chalkboard signs are just too cute. Photo courtesy of Jenny McCann Photography.

mr and mrs signs

Mr. and Mrs Wedding Signs

mr and mrs sign

Mr. and Mrs. Signs hanging in the tree above their table.

These Mr. and Mrs. wedding signs are an easy DIY wedding idea. Using a bold font, print out the initials on medium weight card stock. Use twine or pretty string to hang from trees or chairs. Download free cool fonts here.

country wedding sign

Country Wedding Signs

diy wedding signs

Home Depot and Lowes have large selections of wood and lumber. Planks can be cut to the needed length. Distress a piece of wood by hitting it with a large chain. Stain the wood if you want a certain finish. Use alphabet stencils for the word (s). Draw a straight line with ruler lightly on the wood with pencil where you want the bottom of the letters. Using masking tape, tape down the first stencil aligning the bottom of the letter with the penciled line. Cover the rest of the wood with newsprint.. Make sure the stencil is taped securely. If it is not paint can seep through openings in the letter. Using a light mist spray paint the letter throughly. When the first letter dries go to the second letter etc. After the spray paint is dry erase pencil marks.

bride and groom signs

Bride and Groom Wedding Signs

wedding chalkboard signs

Bride and Groom’s initials with box for prayers and advice. What a great idea. Photo courtesy of Jenny McCann Photography.

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